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1六月 2016
六月 1, 2016

53th Congress ERA-EDTA

Our Mexico dealer

The 53th Congress ERA-EDTA was held in Vienna during May 21st to 24th, 2016.

This year, we raised a novel demand of WS™ Far-infrared Therapy Unit of “Wound Healing” other than “Fistula Care”. It attracted lots of attendees stop by and discuss about DM foot or PAOD problem which is common complications of dialysis patients. UK and China distributor of FIRAPY were present

In addition, we also meet local dealer in Mexico to make sure mutual interest for further cooperation. In this case, WS™ Far-infrared Therapy Unit will be exhibited in World Congress of Nephrology 2017 (WCN 2017) to spread market in Central America.

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