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Firpay (WS™ Far-Infrared Therapy Unit) is an effective adjunctive therapy for wound healing

Wound healing is a complex and dynamic process of replacing devitalized and missing cellular structures and tissue layers. The wound healing process can be divided into 3 phases — inflammatory, proliferation and remodeling phase.

The wound is divided into two kinds, acute and chronic, by their healing time. In acute wounds, there is a precise balance between production and degradation of molecules such as collagen, but in a chronic wound, this balance is lost. A chronic wound that does not heal in orderly stages and be detained in one or more phase of the wound healing, such as an inflammatory stage. Chronic wounds are hard to heal and may take over three months to do so. These wounds cause patients severe emotional and physical stress and create a significant financial burden on patients and the whole healthcare system.

The Firapy (WS™ Far-Infrared Therapy Unit) can help to improve wound healing through function shown as below,

  • Improve edema
  • Improve the formation of granulation tissue
  • Improve ischemic tissue blood supply
  • Reduce chronic inflammation
  • Shorten wound healing time

What kind of conditions could be treated by Firapy (WS™ Far-infrared Therapy)?

  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Wounds due to circulatory problems
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Acute peripheral arterial insufficient
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Surgical wounds

What kind of conditions could be treated by Firapy Far-infrared Therapy?

  • Case 1 -- DM food

    •  Gender: Female
    •  Age: 49
    •  Medical history: She is with diabetic foot wound persisting for 6 months.
    •  FIR treatment provided: 40 minutes 1x / day after debrided.
    •  Treatment results: Wound was fully healed 2.5 months later.

  • Case 2 -- pressure sores

    •  Gender: Female
    •  Age: 87
    • ※ Medical history:
    •     She is bedridden with Alzheimer’s disease.
    •     Pressure after 2 years led to chronic bedsores and decubitus ulcerations.
    • FIR treatment provided: 40 minutes, 4x /day
    • Treatment result: Full healing after 2 months.



  • Case 3 -- Vascular Ulcers

    • ※ Gender: Female
    • ※ Age: 53
    •  Medical history: She is with swollen diabetic foot wound persisting for 2 months.
    •  FIR treatment provided: p 40 minutes, 3x/week.
    •  Treatment result: Healed results shown after 22 days.

Instruction of wound care

The purpose mechanism of Firapy (WS™ Far-infrared Therapy Unit) in wound healing


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